The global network contains lots of stereotypical and even pretentious photos and images about every country in our world. However, sometimes such the photos could represent real values of a country.

China is a very "extra-ordinary" country, it's really so. Sometimes, you can ask yourself "what's going on?", and the answer is "Relax. It's China!". So, let's start:

1. "Fresh" Meat in Downtown

It's an ordinary phenomenon in China. Chinese don't go to any Walmart or Carrefour to purchase fresh meat, but they go markets or street's stores where they are guaranteed to buy truly fresh pork, beef or chicken. Chicken is usually sold alive. It's a common practice in China. If you want fresh meat, you need to search for such the stores.

2. Let's Feed the Fish

Actually, I was shocked when I saw how Chinese children fed fish in a pond in one of the parks of Chengdu. They used a baby bottle! And even adults did so. In bottles there must have been a special liquid with vitamins or something nutritious for fish. It has became a new entertainment option for children in Chinese parks: lots of children with their parents or grandparents go there, and Chinese really like to breed golden carps (it's lucky fish in the Chinese culture) for park's decoration now.

3. More Water!

Chinese like to save money, water, electricity, more than any other nations. However, their actions totally contradict their ideas. They save electricity at home, but decorate thousand of high buildings in a city with decorative illumination. They try to save water (in WC you can find a lot of signs with a phrase "save water", in Chinese of course and for Chinese), but turn on the fountain while it's raining outside.

4. KTV for One

KTV is a well-known Chinese karaoke bar, there are millions of KTV on the Chinese streets. Aaaaand... Chinese invented KTV for one person. On the photo there are several KTV-boxes in downtown of Chengdu - Tianfu square. If you feel really lonely, and you do not have a company to go with, KTV for one is "the best choice". Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

5. A Road to Nowhere

Riding bikes from Sanxingdui museum (48,5 km from Chengdu city center), me and my friend found several road signs with turn to nowhere. It must be like the Chinese ghost-towns that are built only to show the economic development of modern China.

You can smile, you can laugh, or even feel angry, but this is the real China.

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